Sunday, November 13, 2011

a modern whittler

to all of us "self-taughters"...i am always sucked in by the craft making of art...i like the physical act of smearing and rubbing, splashing and dabbing....this artist whittles...oh i'm sure the art galleries have a schmansy name for it...but i'm gonna call it like i see it...and i see it as current and timeless...someone getting their hands dirty and , in andy's case, even cut once in a while....when asks how he learned to work with wood his answer rings very dear to my heart "i ask furniture maker friends for advise..or i just bungle my way through" that's bullshit about training with "world acclaimed artist blah blah blah" or "i studied at the blah blah blah of the whittling academy"....nope...."i bungle my way through".....nice!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Painter's Block? Well then you won't have trouble finding time to read The War of Art

if only a "swoosh" could make us "just do it".....or a genteel first lady make us "quit" by "just saying no" we could all conquer the world....and then there is reality.....the day to day...the getting in the studio when i don't have one damm idea in my head....or when the demons are saying " oh there are already a million paintings out there" or " you don't have a degree in art, who do you think you are" or or the author says .....go do the up.

this dude is not your average motivational speaker ( that lives in a trailer..down by the river)(thank you mr. farley)....he is cerebral, humorous and transparent.... so, if like me, your big girl pants need a swift kick...give this a read...and then GET TO WORK!!!