Saturday, October 8, 2011

Painter's Block? Well then you won't have trouble finding time to read The War of Art

if only a "swoosh" could make us "just do it".....or a genteel first lady make us "quit" by "just saying no" we could all conquer the world....and then there is reality.....the day to day...the getting in the studio when i don't have one damm idea in my head....or when the demons are saying " oh there are already a million paintings out there" or " you don't have a degree in art, who do you think you are" or or the author says .....go do the up.

this dude is not your average motivational speaker ( that lives in a trailer..down by the river)(thank you mr. farley)....he is cerebral, humorous and transparent.... so, if like me, your big girl pants need a swift kick...give this a read...and then GET TO WORK!!!